Palin’s: “blood-libel;” another step towards ending her political influence?

16 Jan

Using such a despicable term in order to defend herself puts Sarah Palin in one of two groups: Highly ignorant, or totally bigoted (anti-Semitic,) in this case.
I personally don’t think that ex-Governor Palin is an anti-Semite, unless through some strange set of events her Lebanese speech-writer snuck such statement into Palin’s speech…
Palin’s saving grace may be simply to plead ignorance; a valid defense, but one that may well put an end to any chance for national political career.
If the ex-Governor elects to blame a speech-writer that she trusted, and openly, and unceremoniously fire the person. Firing the speechwriter may save some face, but, since one must scrutinize and understand speeches before they are delivered, it is not likely to save Palin’s career as a national political candidate.
The “blood-libel” words, especially when added to some earlier blunders, such as justifying words that she coined, by suggesting that Shakespeare also invented word, may well be enough to remove Sarah Palin from the national political arena,

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