Farce called conservatism; skills not philosophy qualify one for elected office!

29 Oct

Conservatism is an honored, respected, and proven viable philosophy that passed the test of time; but it is now a skill-set that allows human entities, be they person, or organizations, to produce anything.
I am compelled to write this short blog because I live and Colorado, the home to Tom Tancredo, a self-proclaimed “conservative.” Tom is quite typical of many Republicans who seem to think that be “a conservative,” qualifies one for as an elected public official; it does not.
In his ads,Tom Tancredo, like many others, tries to discredit his opponent, and then, in order to “close the deal,” he loudly proclaims: “I am the true conservative in this race.”
Such a claim makes his candidacy a FARCE, since “conservatism” is a philosophy, not a set of skills!
When a politician is elected for any position, what skills are brought to the “job,” though philosophy counts, it does not qualify a person for public service, even though the reverse does apply: A wrong (in “the eyes of the beholder,”) may well count.

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