Ahmadinejad, a Jew?

19 Oct

Ahmadinejad, whose appearance is not unlike a caricature of the Jew in 19th century Europe, may well have Jewish roots and tries to hide them by his anti-Semitic talk.
In the Muslim world hiding one’s identity in order to accomplish one’s mission is very consistent with Quranic Da’wah which means deception. Living in the Islamic world, and acting in a manner consistent with Quran edicts, one must also practice Taqiyah which is the practice of hiding one’s real beliefs in order to carry out one’s Quranic mission. Ahmadinejad could well be hiding his real background and beliefs behind his anti-Semitic facade.
That not withstanding, the Iranian President should be sued for defamation by US officials that he implicates in his 9-11 accusation. Whenever he enters the United States in the future he should be hauled into court and made to support what he claims, or be made to pay billions for his irresponsible talk. Next time he tries to some to the United States the little Iranian should be only given a visa without diplomatic privileges, and be made to prove what he claims, or be punished for his mean-spirited accusation of Jews and Americans, just because they are not Muslims.

via: Zyonism’s Blog

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