Is Stuxnet an Israeli demonstration? A “shot across Iran’s bow?”

26 Sep

Could Stuxnet be the “shot across the bow?”

Even though only a small sample of cyber weaponry have shown itself in Iran, the Iranian government is already voicing concern, and is complaining because the country cannot actively deal with computer malware.

Iran’s famous “Revolutionary Guard,” can cross the border into Iraq, but such force cannot deal with any threat should it Command and Control systems be taken over by cyber weapons. In spite of Iran’s Ahmadinejad boasting, Iran does not have the sophisticated technology required to deal advanced malware, and is very vulnerable to such threat.

Malware such as Stuxnet which seems to already infected Iran’s Bushehr nuclear facility is only the tip of the iceberg. It is not clear who owns and controls Stuxnet, but one should not doubt that Israel, one of the most sophisticated source of software, if it had not already, can generate malware that can render all of Ahmdinjad threats just boasts without being of real concern.

One must realize that Israel is concerned about Iran’s nuclear progress that Barak Obama and his Administration seem unable to address in an effective manner. Should the Israeli decide to “take out” Iran’s nukes, a cyber attack against Iran’s C&C would render any defenses the Islamic republic may have, useless.

Until more is known, Iran would be wise to tone down its rhetorics about Israel’s demise, and about its own progress in the nuclear arena, or it make wake the sleeping giant and be silenced in more than just one way.

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  1. World Wide News Flash - September 27, 2010

    Is Stuxnet an Israeli demonstration? A ?shot across Iran?s bow??…

    I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

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