Obama @ UN: Trying to save legacy through peace talks.

23 Sep

In less than two years President Barak Hussein Obama seemed to have managed to catch up, and perhaps surpass, George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter, as the Co-worst contemporary presidents of the United States.

Trying to salvage his terrible image by speaking at the United Nations about an Israeli-Palestinian peace, President Obama is not only “grasping at straws,” he is promoting an oxymoron that peaceful and friendly relations between Muslims and Jews can indeed exist. Trying to shift attention from miserable domestic performance to the Middle-East, Obama miscalculates the fact that domestic issues trump out international situations, and that the international problem he selected to deal with, the Israli Palestinian issue, is beyond his ability to solve.

President Obama keeps speaking of a Palestinian state, and Middle-East peace, in spite of realizing that Muslims, and the Muslim world, cannot be at peace with a Jewish Israel as long as Islam accepts the Quran is the FINAL WORD. If one must abide by Quranic teachings, one cannot accept Jews (and other infidels) as having equal rigths under god. Having spent many of his formative years in Islamic environment, Barak Obama must understand that the Quran does not allow for its followers to befriend Jews (and other infidels/non-belivers.)

Adding to the knowledge that Islamic nations will not accept infidels as equals, Obama must realize that the most recent poles of Palestinians suggest that 78% are striving for a Palestine with border from the Jordan river to the Mediterranean, not leaving any room for a Jewish state in the region.

Promoting an effort that cannot succeed unless at least one the two parties to the conflict, the Arabs, can agree to formally reject their gospel, the Quran, and accept the rights of a Jewish to exist in what once was Palestine, is dishonest. Short of a rejection of Quranic teaching the peace efforts is doomed to fail, and Obama’s chance at successful Middle-East accomplishments, evaporate.


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