Moderate Muslim, an oxymoron. The Quran dictates radicalism!

21 Sep

A great deal can be said about this subject, more will be written in future publication; for now, however a brief overview should suffice:

Based on Quranic teachings, making a reference to a Muslim as a moderate is an OXYMORON!

If a person is a believer in Islam and accepts the Quran as god’s (Allah’s) FINAL word, then said person must be radical since the Quran calls for the elimination of all non-believers (infidels) from planet earth.

A Muslim who does not formally reject the Quran is by simple definition a radical. One must simply read items 9:29; 9:5; 47:4 (and there are many others) of the Quran, to understand that moderate and muslim, are contradictory concepts.


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