Quran: Guide to world domination; should it be outlawed?

15 Sep

By virtue of the fact that the Quran, Islam’s Gospel (and Allah’s FINAL WORD,) requires that Muslims eliminate all infidels (non-Muslims) from the planet, and do so by any means necessary; Islam should not be considered a religion, but rather a geo-political entity that strives for control of earth and its population.
Muslims are required to either convert all non-believers to Islam (while also paying alms,) or otherwise eliminate them from this world. Islam is not much different from was the Communist party when it was outlawed in the United States because it called for removing, by force, if needed, of non Communist governments, such as that of the United States.
Until and unless, Islam formally rejects Quranic thinking about world domination, Islam should be disallowed from functioning in the United States, including, but not limited to building mosques…

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