Obama: “Let Muslims ‘manage’ Constitution!” Or, is Islam to manipulate the US Constitution?

9 Sep

Obama stance against burning Quran, according to the “C.i.C,” is, at least in part, due to the fact that it will become an excellent recruitment tool for al-Qaeda…Should those things that please al-Queda determine the behavior of America’s public?
Obama most important General, Petraeus, is on record that burning Quran’s will endanger his troops. The general fails to realize that those troops’ most important undertaking is to protect the Constitution, and suggesting that giving up some 1st amendment rights is contrary to his mission?
Secretary Clinton, who likely never read the Quran, and its instruction to believers that they eliminate all non-believers by conversion (with alms,) or death, was “appalled” by the suggestion of Koran burning. How is burning an “instruction book” that suggests that those who do not accept its teaching be eliminated, be appalling?
Since President Barak (the name of Mohammad’s horse,) Hussein Obama’s Cairo speech apologizing to the Islamic world for the way it was treated in the past, the United States has been trying to appease the Muslim world, but was blatantly rejected. Obama’s attempts to communicate with Iran’s Ahmadinejad met not only with scorn, but with ridicule. In spite of demonstrating Islamic instincts and sympathies, the American President is not favored by Muslims since he rejected his birthrights as a Muslim, not an act allowed by the Quran.
The United States under Obama seems to be willing to sacrifice constitutional rights in order to appease the Muslim world. Since Muslims burn United States and Israeli flags with impunity, how is the burning of Quran any more offensive?
President George W. Bush suspended quite a few civil rights granted by the Constitution. President Bush did so because of nineteen Muslims young men who attacked the World Center, he did so in the name of “national security.” President Obama seems to not only continue with many of the Bush policies, but to add to them by suggesting that 1st amendment rights are suspended to appease the Islamic world.
Isn’t it time that the United States stops yielding to the Muslims as if they, the Muslims, represent the most important people in the world? When Muslims agree to accept non-Muslims as equals under god (Allah,) and not call for the destruction of all infidels, then, and only then, may be the time the can join the twenty-first Century family of nations; until then the US must deal with Islam as the dangerous cult that it is, and not make special allowances, as President Obama is attempting to do.

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