The farce: Obama’s imposed “peace talks.” (Shared with

5 Sep

Until his recent action of “forcing” Netanyahu and Abbas to hold what he (Obama) calls “peace talks,” Barak Obama, often seems to be a dreamer, but he can now be labeled a liar, since he must know that the two leaders have no authority to negotiate some critical issues which represent “show stoppers.”

Let us deal with a few very obvious issues that neither the Palestinian Authority leader, Abbas, not the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, has the authority, or a mandate by their respective people, to discuss. Benyamin Netanyahu has no authority to make any concessions regarding the status of Jerusalem, the united city of Jerusalem is so Divinely conceived, and no elected official has the authority to change that. Netanyahu is also in no position to deal with the right of refugee return, since he is not authorized to change the Jewish character of Israel.

Mahmoud Abbas, of course, cannot speak on behalf of Hamas which controls a large part of the PA land, and population. As long as Gaza is controlled by Hamas which is formally committed to destroy Israel, how can Abbas, a man who has no authority over Hamas, speak for the whole Palestinian “nation?” (If there indeed is such a thing…)

Are the Israeli/Palestinian “peace talks” a means to replace American, and world concerns, about the abysmal [American] economic performance, and the marginal conduct of the war in Afghanistan, by the Obama Administration? Did Obama and his Administration rose once again to their level of incompetence, are they again a demonstration of the “Peter Principal,” in practice?


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