Obama’s sacrifice: “Standing in the rain”; pitiful!

16 Jun

Obama’s sacrifice: Standing in the rain; pitiful!

There is little, or no doubt, that President Obama is a great orator when he is in the right frame of mind. No one will forget his speech at the Democratic convention, or his presentation in Berlin; but there are some low-points, such as his speech in Cairo!

Recently, perhaps due to stress caused by the BP oil spill, Barak Hussein Obama, had a number of visible lapses in his oratory skills.

When trying to convince the American public that he is properly attuned to the Gulf oil spill, Obama told his national audience, that he was standing in the rain talking to fishermen about possible issues due to the oil spill.

“Standing in the rain,” a great sacrifice!

The rain statement reminds one of a professional football player who is making millions, but complains about playing on a wet field; what a pitiful posture!

President Obama second big oratory blunder was introducing his Energy Secretary, while addressing the nation about the catastrophic Gulf oil spill, as the “Nobel Prize winner,” who cares? That introduction was especially out of line since the value of the Nobel Prize has diminished considerably after President Obama was awarded his.

The President needs to learn how to focus and deal with issues and not try to sway the public thinking by using shallow tactics…


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