Limbaugh, Islamic Cleric, and God; or is it Allah? (shared with

16 May

To some twenty-five million Americans Rush Limbaugh is the closest thing to the “second coming” of Christ…When the Icelandic volcano erupted, Rush Limbaugh suggested to his vast audience that the event might well have been God’s reply to Obama’s healthcare plan! It was as if Rush Limbaugh speaks with God, perhaps he was “under the influence,” as he often seems to be?

In line with Rush Limbaugh’s views of God’s punishment of Obama, and his people, Muslim Cleric Hojatoleslam Kazami Sedighi, suggested that earthquakes are the result of women not dressing in the appropriate manner. Sedighi spoke on behalf of Allah, Limbaugh on behalf of the Christian God; or, are they one and the same?

Rush Limbaugh must be more careful than to use his vast influence to suggest irrational suggestion about God’s punishment of Obama. If there is a Judeo Christian God, such God will more likely punish Limbaugh, than President Obama. After all, in spite of Rush Limbaugh claims to be telling the truth over ninety percent of the time, Limbaugh lies and violate the ninth Commandment: Though should not bear false witness, with impunity. A vivid example was Limbaugh recent declaration that the would be Time-square bomber was a registered Democrat…

With every day that goes by, Limbaugh more closely resembles Islamic voices who belive that they speak for Allah. The fact that Mr. Limbaugh has great influence is alarming; how can the significant number of Americans accept Limbaugh’s words, words based on his ideology and views, and not on facts? Like many Muslim leaders, especially Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Limbaugh likes to refer to those he opposes, such as Barak Obama and his Administration, as “the regime,” a total misnomer when dealing with a duly elected democratic government. Ahmadinejad has been referring the “Zionist regime,” now Limbaugh borrowed the term to use when speaking of Obama; what a sham!

Those who listen to Rush Limbaugh, please do so with care. At best the man is delusional, at worse he simply sacrifices everything, including the truth, in order to make his point, in order to sell his ideology, and destroy those who oppose to his views!


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