Limbaugh plagiarizing Ahmadinejad: “Regime”

5 May

Many of those political airwaves commentators who are out to incite the public and make it angry at the Government, seem to have one thing in common: A rallying term!

Rather than to go into a lot of detail, let me only deal with a couple of the most prominent broadcasters, Glenn Beck, and the dean of them all: Rush Limbaugh.

Glenn Beck decided to define the term “Progressives” as something that is not only evil, but something that is designed to destroy the American way of life. To Beck all “liberals” are progressives; progressives, by his definition, are those who want government to control peoples’ lives, and to do so regardless of what end of the political spectrum they may be on: Right, left, or even center.

It is interesting to note that in spite of beck’s meager knowledge, the college drop-out, recovering drug user and alcoholic that he claims to be, seems to feel that he is competent to define political terms to suit his agenda; he seems to have been able to get a large number of innocent people to accept his unique political views…

Rush Limbaugh, also a college drop-out with trivial amount of actual knowledge, is a master of audience manipulation. He is also a good student.

Observing how Mahmoud Ahmadinejad uses the term Zionist-regime to incite anger in million of followers; Limbaugh decided to “borrow,” or actually plagiarise from Ahmadinejad the term “regime” when discussing the Obama Administration. Limbaugh wants the regime to fail, he also wants Barak Obama to fail, he does not seem to mind that if Obama and the regime fail, so does the United States.

Dangerous people are Beck and Limbaugh; through the clever use of words they are manipulating a significant part of public opinion in a way that the long-term effects could be harmful to all Americans, not only those who the two are trying to discredit, and destroy.


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