Palin and the Emperor new clothing:

24 Apr

With increasing exposure Governor Sarah Palin demonstration of lacking cerebral capacity is becoming more and more obvious. For one reason, or another, die-in-the-wool Republicans, and some others on the right, adopted Mrs. Palin as a symbol of displeasure with the Government, and do not know how to acknowledge that the lady is not qualified to speak for intelligent people.
Like Hans Christian Andersen’s Emperor who rode his horse in the nude but had some shrewd handlers convince him, and the public that he was
wearing some new and fancy new clothing, no one was willing to admit that he was actually in his birthday suit, so does Sarah Palin who seems to believe and get her public to accept that she is not without appreciable level of intelligence.
Some commentators on the political left, and others, continue to try to suggest that Governor Palin is not cerebrally competent to be a political leader, today they are generally ignored. Keith Oberman the comedian who tried to speak as a political guru from the left continues to say that Sarah Palin’s knowledge is a joke, but since he is such a light-weight, his words fall on deaf ears.
The day will come, however, when some “little boy,” someone with no political agenda will step-up and cry out loud that “the lady has no brains,” and, like the crowd in the Emperor’s story, will find itself compelled to admit the truth and admit the ex Alaska Governor is not fit to lead a political movement, let alone the nation, because of her lacking cerebral capacity, and the lady will be dropped…
Back of her mind Governor Palin realizes her limitation, and resigned her job as Alaska Governor in mid-term so that she can take advantage of a situation before her limitations are exposed and make a great deal of money…

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