GOP blunders eliminated healthcare as cornerstone of mid-term election…

25 Mar

When the Democrats won and voted in the healthcare reform as law of the land, not only did they defeat the Republicans, the new law sent the GOP scrambling.

Early on the Republicans suggested that they will try to repeal the healthcare law; likely a sellable strategy for the November election. This approach would be consistent with their year fight against the measure. But, as soon as healthcare reform became law, the GOP changed direction and suggested that the Republicans will not only try to repeal the law, they will try to re-introduce healthcare reform; an open admission that this is a critical issue for the United States.

In addition to admitting that healthcare is important, the GOP new strategy suggests that some of the law they will try to repeal may remain, but failed to identify what of that law they may wish to remove. So far, the Republicans are talking budgetary reasons for the repeal, but while doing so they also speak about adding some half a trillion dollars for Medicare as part of the new introduction…

The GOP “blinked,” by suggesting that it will reintroduce healthcare and with that introduction. add about 500,000,000,000 to healthcare

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