Obama, the orator extraordinaire, is a poor communicator!

10 Mar

On Wolf Blitzer’s CNN Situation Room, Gloria Bolger suggested that President Obama should return to becoming the great Communicator that he was during his campaign; she was wrong! President Obama was not during the election, nor is he now, a great communicator.

Obama is arguably one of the greatest orator, perhaps the greatest orator, in human history. Not since Winston Churchill, perhaps even including the great British statesman, was there an orator of Obama’s caliber; but as often is the case, oratory is a one way speech while communication is the exchange of ideas. In the case Churchill who governed a country at war on its own land, oratory to charge the populous served him well; in the case of Obama, the war(s) in which that United States are involved are a long way from its shore, and the issues a leader must deal with are local, and empirical, not that of maintaining moral.

Obama held 200,000 people in Germany in a trance, but his town-hall meetings, are never that successful. A communicator exchange ideas with audiences, while an orator, as President Obama does, gives his message, but does not allow for modifying his message based on inputs from those who listen to his ideas.

In simple words, an orator such as Obama speak at the audience, not to it, a very big difference. Observers have been criticizing President Obama for oe listening, as a matter of fact, much was said in the press suggesting that Obama’s first year was not as successful as it might have been, had he listened to his wise and very pragmatic chief of staff, Rham Emanuel.

Others criticize Obama for reading from his teleprompter, action quite consistent with some who speaks, but not listens to audiences.

Can President Obama change his way and learn to become a communicator as well as being the great orator that he is? Only time will answer this question! If Obama can make the transition from orator to communicator, his Presidency could still become a great success. To successfully govern in a democracy one must respond to one’s constituency, and that was a communicator does.

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