Haiti’s earthquake: The Limbaugh, and Coulter blight on Conservatism!

18 Jan

Conservatism is generally a positive way of thinking, conservatives are often well- meaning patriots who, more often than not, are god fearing, and compassionate.

Enters Rush Limbaugh, perhaps the most listened voice of United States conservatives, and Ann Coulter, the shameless, but never-the-less prominent voice of United States conservatism, and their attempt to politicize the Haitian earthquake in order to simply draw more attention to themselves.

Limbaugh complaint that Obama is using Haiti for political gains, and that his (Obama’s)swift action was in large part because Haitians are blacks; while Coulter takes the opportunity to criticize President Clinton humanitarians efforts and suggest that she is sorry for President George W. Bush for having to work with the “horny hillbilly,” her reference to Bill Clinton; are glaring examples of the Coulter/Limbaugh lack of regard to humanity, and to human suffering.

These two conservatives “pundits” accomplished their desired purpose for getting attention! These two, however, showed themselves for what they are: Shameless opportunists who will go to any length to get the spot-light tuned on them.


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