Limbaugh on Haiti: The sick opportunist!

14 Jan

Rush Limbaugh is upset because President Obama took three days to respond to the Christmas underwear bomber, and only one day to respond to the earthquake in Haiti; what a silly opportunist!

Haiti required immediate action ro save lives, the Christmas action did not! Limbaugh, in his usual manner, is comparing apples and oranges.

Limbaugh had no problem when “his” President, George W. Bush, took some six days to respond to the “shoe bomber,” but three days for Obama is too long. Limbaugh, and the rest of the conservative pundits, are up at arms because the Obama Administration wants to bring to trial, the Christmas bomber, and others “enemy combatants,” in civil United States courts, but did not object to the Bush Administration doing the same with the “shoe bomber,” and other “enemy combatants,” what a double standard! What opportunism!

For the main voice of the political right in the United States, to use the Haiti humanitarian crises with thousands, perhaps hundred of thousands, lives are at stake, for to make political statement, is shameful! To compare Haiti’s earthquake crises to the Christmas event, when time to response was of no real consequence, is a travesty. The political right, made up in large part of religious people, should be the compassionate element of US society, how can their spokes person be so callous? How can he be such an opportunist when so many people are suffering and dying just a few miles from United States shores?


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