Sarah Palin @ Fox: “The Kiss of Death!” Or, is Palin aiming for Tea-Party nomination?

12 Jan

Based on over a year of demonstrating her cerebral prowess, and meager knowledge-base, all over the United States, coupled with her betrayal of Alaska’s voters by resigning from a position of trust that they voted her into, before her time was up; it is likely that a display of her abilities, or lack of such, to the nation on Fox will destroy any chance the lady ever had for a National elective office.

Palin’s Fox assignment will likely be profitable for the young lady, it may boost her personal ego, but based on her performance to date, one can rest assured that she will destroy her credibility with the American people and will simply remain a wealthy Fox political hack!

Or, since the ex-Governor of Alaska could not qualify as a candidate of the GOP, she may join the other Fox light-weight, Glenn Beck, and be nominated as the candidate of the Tea-Party, with Glenn Beck her Vice Presidential running-mate.


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