Mitchell’s and Obama’s Islamic sympathies: Will Israel be sacrificed?

9 Jan

George Mitchell a man of Lebanese ancestry is now suggesting that the United States, consistent with the obvious Islāmic sympathies of President Barak Hussein Obama, should consider holding off aid to Israel, the only dependable ally that the United States in the Middle East. Obama’s Islāmic sympathies and instincts that were clearly developed during his formative year in Muslim environment(s), are continuing to show, and to enlarge the chasm between Israel and the United States, the large gap in trust that was created by the his Administration.

Mitchell’s suggesting that the US put pressure on Israel in a week during which mortars from Gaza were lobbed at Israel, and in the face of the fact that Israel unlike the Palestinians, is willing to re-enter negotiations with the Palestinians, and to do so without pre-conditions, will not only continue to hurt the US/Israel relations, but it will also continue to weaken the United States place in the Middle East.

These actions also strengthen Ahmadinejad, and other leader who are unfriendly towards the United States. Ahmadinejad, for example, a man who insist that the United States must stop “holding Israel’s hand,” before he will consider holding talks with the US, as Obama’s Administration desires, must gloat whenever the Obama Administration weakens its ties with Israel. The US continues to capitulate to Ahmadinejad, and to other Islāmic pressures, and act as if it is ready to throw Israel, and other allies, under the bus.

Obama continues to prove that loyalties to friend and allies are easily sacrificed for political expediency; a significant character flaw!

Obama and his Administration “turning on” Israel will not enhance the United States position with Islāmic nations since most Muslim leaders consider Obama a weak international leader who they can manipulate without needing to reciprocate when he yields to their pressure; a dangerous condition that is rapidly reducing the influence that the United States once had on the international community. For example, one does not see, and are unlikely to see any time soon, any actions by the Muslim oil producers to ease the energy problems that contribute to the economic troubles of the United States.


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