Nuke Iran’s missiles and Nukes by air and sea…

3 Jan

Israel already demonstrated its ability to reach the “Gulf” by sea; it did so with Mubarak’s tacit permission to have its submarines go through the Suez canal. And, unless President Obama decided to have Israeli planes shout down over Iraq (an airspace controlled by the United States,) it is clear that Israel can fly its Nuke over Iraq to Iranian targets all over that country. A combined air/sea approach to the elimination of Iran’s nuclear and missile capabilities, appears to be the prudent means for eliminating Iran’s threat to the world.

With an imminent threat to [Eastern] Europe, the oil fields in the Gulf, Egypt, Israel, and many other unsuspecting nations, the United States would be ill-advised to stop the elimination of Iran’s rapidly developing Nuclear capability. Not only is such action needed to protect United States interests (oil, if nothing else,) the United States is bound by mutual defense treaties with NATO, and other allies; Nukes on Iran’s nuclear and missile facilities, would eliminate a major foreign policy headache the United States is unable to resolve on its own.

Israel’s Nuclear arsenal should be large enough to eliminate Iran’s nuclear capabilities, while leaving the Jewish state enough residue to defend itself from any other threat to its existence.

As Iran is on the last stage required in their Uranium enrichment activity; 2010, the dawn of a new decade, may be the right time to rid the world from the boisterous Irani regime and its nuclear threat.


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