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Profiling Muslims is “the right thing to do!”

26 Dec

It is time for the United States (and other “free” countries) to profile Muslims; statistics prove that most terror acts in the world are perpetrated by Muslims; why not make the world safer?
It is time for the US to stop the charade of “political correctness” of searching old Caucasian ladies as throughly as they search a young Muslim man. It is time let the innocent Caucasians, Orientals, and African-Americans (unless they are Muslim) alone and profile and check adult Muslims to protect the American public while at the same time improving the American public quality of life.
It is time to do what is RIGHT FOR THE MANY AT THE EXPENSE OF THE FEW (Muslims,) when the situation justify doing so.
It is time to formally profile Muslims and let up on other travelers so that they can return to the more normal life of pre-9/11!

Statistics support the need to profile Muslims; or, the “Founding Fathers” would have supported the notion that: “The Rights of the Many Supercede the Rights of the Few!”

26 Dec

Even though the United States Constitution does not allow for discriminating against member of religious groups, the Constitution clearly support the rights of the many to supercede those of the few. With as much proof as there is that a Muslim is much more likely to harm the public than are members of any other group, profiling Muslims is the right thing to do.

Profiling Muslims does not suggest that Muslims are bad people, what it does say is that there are more Muslim believers who are eager to hurt Americans, than are members of any other known group. It is our belief that even though there are many more good Muslims than those who wish to hurt Americans, the number of those Muslims who which to cause harm to non-Muslims is large enough to represent an ongoing danger to the American people.

For example, treating adult Muslims who travel on airline in the same manner as the authorities treat other passengers, represent a “clear and present danger,” to the flying public. It is time to put in place a method of profiling Muslims. Profiling should be done without damaging the personal dignity of those being profiled, but profiling must become a routine part of protecting the American public.

The charade of checking an old caucasian man at an airport with the same intensity, or often more, than the checking the viral twenty-two-year-old young Muslim man, does not represent closer compliance with the Constitution, it rather is an act, a theatrical act that simply hurts the American people.

“Political correctness,” has its place, it is not however appropriate at the expense of public safety, or even convenience. It is time for the US to own up to its responsibility and start profiling Muslims, do so with dignity, and do so based on science, but do so without delay before another 9/11 occurs!

Time to formally profile Muslims! Time to call a “Spade a Spade,” and improve safety as well as quality of life for majority of the American people.

26 Dec

Recent incidents, one by the terrorist from Nigeria on his flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, that was followed closely by the vicious act by US Army Major Hasan, in Fort Hood, strongly suggest that Muslims should be singled-out and scrutinized closely in order not only to protect the non-Muslim segment of the American public, but to improve, or rather to try to return its quality of life of prior to 9/11.

There is no question that the largest number of terrorist acts in today’s world are committed by Muslims; for President Obama to perform his most important duty, that of protecting the American people, the President must initiate a policy of PROFILING Muslims as part of protecting the American public at large.

“Political correctness,” is passe; it is time to do what is: “Right for the many [even if it is] at the expense of the few!”

Not only is it right to profile Muslims, by resorting to such approach authorities should be allowed to remove the charade of checking all travellers in an equal manner, and not bother to check the 75-year-old Caucasian woman in the same manner as they check the twenty year old Muslim man. Not only will the public be better protected, travelers will have much less delays in travel, or similar situations.

Profiling Muslims is important for public safety, and profiling will also improve the quality of life for the American public in general, in particular of that part of the public that is not Muslim!

Should the authorities elect to start profiling, much can be done off line without disturbing the traveling public, and while maintaining the dignity of those being profiled. Luggage, foe example can be checked at “off sights,” while Muslims can subject themselves tp background checks, get documented, and circumvent any “Muslim [security] line” that may be established.

Delaying Embassy move to Jerusalem: Another Obama widening the chasm he created with Israel!

24 Dec

For sometime now, United States Presidents have been stating that the United States Embassy to Israel will finally be placed in Jerusalem; as it should be. To that end, there is also a Congressional resolution that calls for the United States Embassy to be moved to Jerusalem. To date such move is still in the works, there seem to be no progress by the Obama Administration; to the contrary, President Obama just declared that the move will be put off again.

The Embassy move is well overdue, especially since one should ask: When does an outsider determine the Capital a sovereign state? Since Israel considers, and always did, Jerusalem to be its Capital, the United States must put its Embassy in that city, and do so without further delay. This notion is further supported by Congressional Resolution to put the Embassy in Jerusalem.

Inasmuch as the Obama Administration had created a chasm of distrust between the United States and Israel, formally starting a move of the United States Embassy to Jerusalem may start to narrow the gap of trust it started. Delaying the move, as President Obama announced recently, is just another step by the American President in alienating Israel, and the Jewish people of the world.

The move may raffle some Arab feathers, a situation that the young American President, Barak Hussein Obama, is not willing create. President Obama is so overly sympathetic to Islamic sensitivities, that even though damaged relations with the Arab World by moving the Embassy to Jerusalem would be minimal (as long as the Embassy is not placed within the confines of the Old City,) he will keep delaying the move with complete disregard to relations with Israel, the wishes of the United States Congress, and International norm.

President Obama! It is time to comply with International norm, and with the desires of the United States Congress, while also starting to repair the damaged relations with Israel that your Administration created: Please start with announcing an immediate move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

Obama’s Healthcare bill: “Daley style” politics; some $300 million to Louisiana, essentialy free Medicaid for Nebraska, and more.

23 Dec

To get a bill that “seven other Presidents tried to pass but couldn’t,” President Obama and his cronies bribed Senators with money, or the equivalent of money for their respective states, in order to get their votes.

Using strong-arm tactics, and bribery (not of individuals, but rather of a state that they represent), may not be illegal, but it sure make a mockery of democracy. Barak Obama who was exposed to politics in Chicago must have absorbed and learned from the Daley dynasty how to acquire votes even from those who do not entirely agree with his views.

It is a good thing to reform healthcare, but it is not good if one has to do so by sacrificing democratic principles. In order to be fair, and to live up to strict intent of the United States Constitution, the healthcare bill should have a provision that no state proportionately can get more Federal funds than any other for healthcare!

Palin a female reincarnation of Quayle?

22 Dec

When George Walker Bush announced that Dan Quayle would be his running mate, I quickly changed my voter registration and became an Independent.

On April 1993 Time magazine had Dan Quayle on its cover. There was a caption with Quayle’s photograph: “No Joke this man could be our next President.” On top of the page on which the actual article is printed is a quote from one of Quayle’s professors: “I looked into those blue eyes, and I might as well have been looking out the window.”

I don’t profess to know Dan Quayle, but I did meet him at a Republican Senatorial Inner Circle event. The then Vice President smiled, and was very pleasant; yet I too felt as if I was looking out the window when looking into his eyes.

I never met Sarah Palin, and from what I have heard, and from images I have seen on television, I have no desire to meet Sarah Palin. From everything I see and from everything I hear, John McCain did America irreparable damage by appointing Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. It is not only the lady’s intelligence one must question, but her poor judgement in resigning as Alaska’s Governor in order to pursue a more lucrative future. When she was elected Governor, MS Palin accepted the responsibility for at least full term on the job, leaving without living up to her commitment demonstrates, if nothing else, a major flaw in her character.

The GOP gave the nation Spiro Agnew, who resigned in disgrace; Dan Quayle, who was simply inept; and, of course, the infamous Dick Cheney, who may have well been guilty of illegal acts while in office; I sincerely hope that cool heads within that party will prevail, and that Sarah Palin will disappear from the scene, as quickly as she entered.

“Political-media,” altruisticly called: “[Cable] News-media;” an obstacle to Democracy, and free speech.

21 Dec

Since audible media in the United States, be it radio, or television, has a tremendous influence on public opinion, politically biased media is a dangerous thing.

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) regulates a number of items that are associated with information that is transmitted through the airwaves. The FCC, however, does not regulate political content.

The best known political voice on audible media is, of course, Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh is a man who, next to the President, is likely to possess the single most prominent political voice in the United States. Rush Limbaugh has millions of devout listeners who accept his words as constituting the “fundamental” truth. Limbaugh proclaims that his facts are 95.5% correct, a very impressive, yet very suspect, statistic.

Unlike other political voices, one must respect the fact that Rush Limbaugh does not claim to be unbiased, to the contrary, Limbaugh admits being a died-in-the-wool conservative.

The so-called: “Cable news media,” that includes, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, represent an attempt at swaying public opinion, in one way, or another. Unlike Limbaugh, these “news” outlets all claim to be unbiased conveyors of the “unbiased” truth. All three channels are a disgrace to journalism because they are generally attempts to navigate the public thinking in order to enhance a political agendas. Not only that, the majority of the “pundits” on these channel are neither legitimate journalists, nor newscasters; they are, in most cases, entertainers, with sensationalistic tendencies.

All three cable news networks claim to be unbiased leaders in presenting the news, and an uncontested understanding of politics. With Blitzer of CNN claiming to present the “best political team on television,” followed by CNBC claiming to be the source of your political knowledge, and then Fox News that claims to be “fair and balanced;” all three channels are misleading their listeners.

CNN, and MSNBC are clear voices from the political left, while, the very successful Fox News, is a clear voice of the political right. There are two major problems with claims of these channels:

1. Not admitting their bias and loudly proclaiming that the information they present does not represent a political agenda;
2. In many cases using either unqualified persons to anchor their information, or in reality entertainers who lean towards the sensational.

Starting with Rush Limbaugh who jumps up and down, shouts and screams, and generally makes a fool out of himself, one can move on Glenn Beck, the actor who can, and does, cry on cue, and who is clearly a Limbaugh wannabe. Next there are two MSNBC stars: Keith Oberman, a man who tosses things around, never fails to complain about his mensis, Bill O’Reilly, and who attempts to be humorous without much success, and Rachel Maddow who sticks her tongue out and laughs in a very insecure manner even at somber occasions.

There are other cable news “pundits,” such as Sean Hannity of Fox News, Anderson Cooper of CNN, and Chris Matthews of MSNBC, who make one wonder if the American public is gullible, or if the cable news outlets, and some radio, are only listened to because they are means cheap entertainment, means of getting tension relief with humor?

Regardless of the reason for large audiences, the facts that most cable news, and political radio, news-casters are entertainers disguised as serious journalists, is a serious obstacles in the way of Americans getting unbiased political information, the kind of information that they can use when making their voting, and other political support, decisions.