Obama, an epitome of the Peter Principle (functioning at his level of incompetence:)

30 Dec

Obama, an epitome of the Peter Principle (functioning at his level of incompetence:)

In simple terms, the Peter Principle states that: “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His level of Incompetence.” In Chapter VII of Dr. Laurence J. Peter book, The Peter Principle, it states under Hierarchiology and Politics, that: “…when public speaking was a high art, spellbinding orator hope for nomination by a party, and the best orator among the candidates might win the seat. But of course the ability to charm to amuse, to inflame a crowd of ten thousand voters with voice and gestures did not necessarily carry with it the ability to think sensibly, to debate soberly and to vote wisely on the nation’s business.” Even though the above quote seems to fit President Obama, it was first published some forty years ago, in 1969…

An event on Christmas day, in the air over Detroit, suggest that President Obama, the extraordinaire orator that he is, seems to fit the above description by Dr. Peter. Appointing Secretary Napolitano to head Home Land Security, was simply a case of putting a person in a job at the peak of her level of incompetence. President Obama many other appointments, some of those were withdrawn, and some of them that stuck, do point to a lack of ability at recognizing competence, and thus to effectively carry on the nation’s business. The withdrawn appointment of Tom Dascle, and Bill Richardson, Geithner’s tax problems, and Hillary Clinton in a statesman job, an oxymoron for the politician that she is, are but a few examples of Obama’s inept governance. Obama’s best appointment to date is perhaps the carry over position from George W. Bush, the position of Secretary of Defense being held by Secretary Gates.

Following are some examples of Administration blunders that are due to incompetence. Hillary Clinton telling a crowd, in front of Benyamin Netanyahu, in a televised event, that Netanyahu should be congratulated for his willingness to make unprecedented sacrifices, and that the Unites States wants the Israeli Palestinian negotiations to continue “without pre-condition.” She pleased her immediate crowd, as politician do, but she enraged the Islamic World. The next day she flew un expectedly to Cairo in order to try to apologize for her comments. She was not able to mend Islamic fences, while she did manage to widen the chasm between the United States and Israel that the Obama Administration created.

The President made a similar mistake regarding the Israeli Palestinian issue. In front of a Jewish audience he stated that Jerusalem in its entirety was to be Israel’s Capital; but after a day, when he realized the Islamic rage that he caused, the President recanted and said the Israel borders should return to the pre-1967 war. His posture did not appease the Muslims, while relations with Israel continued to erode: Only 3% of Israelis consider Obama a friend…

Many other acts of incompetence can be cited, but let us just view Obama’s military blunders. The President, no military expert by any measure, reduced the number of troops committed to Afghanistan by 25% over the recommendations of his experts in the field; does he now assume that his military expertise is more extensive than that of General McChrystal? President Obama did the same thing with the missile defense initiative for Eastern Europe. The President decided not to continue with the system experts recommended and go with his own, a system based on conglomeration of older and near obsolete components; President Obama, at the peak of his incompetence, seemed to have declared himself the world expert on missile defense; simply in order to appease the Russians, something he did not succeed in doing.

There are many more examples that point to the fact that Barak Hussein Obama is a living example of the Peter Principle, a person who is working at his level of incompetence.

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