Palin a female reincarnation of Quayle?

22 Dec

When George Walker Bush announced that Dan Quayle would be his running mate, I quickly changed my voter registration and became an Independent.

On April 1993 Time magazine had Dan Quayle on its cover. There was a caption with Quayle’s photograph: “No Joke this man could be our next President.” On top of the page on which the actual article is printed is a quote from one of Quayle’s professors: “I looked into those blue eyes, and I might as well have been looking out the window.”

I don’t profess to know Dan Quayle, but I did meet him at a Republican Senatorial Inner Circle event. The then Vice President smiled, and was very pleasant; yet I too felt as if I was looking out the window when looking into his eyes.

I never met Sarah Palin, and from what I have heard, and from images I have seen on television, I have no desire to meet Sarah Palin. From everything I see and from everything I hear, John McCain did America irreparable damage by appointing Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008. It is not only the lady’s intelligence one must question, but her poor judgement in resigning as Alaska’s Governor in order to pursue a more lucrative future. When she was elected Governor, MS Palin accepted the responsibility for at least full term on the job, leaving without living up to her commitment demonstrates, if nothing else, a major flaw in her character.

The GOP gave the nation Spiro Agnew, who resigned in disgrace; Dan Quayle, who was simply inept; and, of course, the infamous Dick Cheney, who may have well been guilty of illegal acts while in office; I sincerely hope that cool heads within that party will prevail, and that Sarah Palin will disappear from the scene, as quickly as she entered.


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