Obama: The arrogance of power! His self grade of B+ in reality D to D+ moving towars F.

14 Dec

The arrogance of power!

Barak Hussein Obama graded himself; he snuck in a grade of B+, when in reality it is hovering around D and D+, in some area, perhaps C-. However, his arrogance at declaring his performance B+, will likely cause it to decline to D-, or even F because his inability to assess his work objectively.

With an economy based on a service industry, and “virtual” commodities, an economy that has no significant manufacturing base, Obama’s grade should be about D-. This is especially so, since unemployment is at 10% (reported,) and about 17.5% (actual.) The President’s grade on the economy is, as it should be, bad; the economy is not his worst area of performance.

Unprecedented growth in the national debt, and with the economic future of the United State mortgaged to China, President Obama is navigating the United States away from its stature of the only Super-Power in today’s world. Under Obama’s leadership, the economy is rapidly moving towards becoming “also run,” a much lesser global force than it has been in past years. If President Obama is elected to a second term, one can look forward to having the United States reduced to being the second strongest economy in the world, lagging behind the fast-moving China. The Japanese and EU economies will also be challenging the United States position of leadership.

Giving Obama any grade above D for his performance on the economy would be generous, his accomplishment to date are marginal, if not outright failures. Those experts who claim that Obama’s policies averted a depression in the United States have no way of justifying their projections, they are simply being benevolent.

With his inept Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who is, and who acts as a politician rather than a statesperson, United States international relations has been suffering in many areas. The removal plans for the original missile defense initiative from Europe, did not make the United States friends in that part of the world. Iran and Ahmadinejad are making mockery of the American President showing him for what he is, a “toothless-tiger.”

Obama’s relations with Israel is abysmal, only 4% of Israeli Jews consider Obama an ally at this juncture; and the Islamic World, in spite of Obama’s apologetic speech in Cairo, treats the young American President, and his Secretary of State, as immature children attempting to play adults’ games.

A sound D- is what Barak Obama earned in his conduct of international relations, and except for his speech in Norway regarding his acceptance of the Nobel Prize, his performance does not suggest any forthcoming improvements.

In the area of military and the war, Barak Hussein Obama barely earned a D-; second-guessing his commanders in the field by reducing the number of troops committed to Afghanistan by a whopping 25%, is but another clear demonstration of arrogance based on ego rather than on knowledge and ability. In the nearly a year in office, the situation on the ground, in Afghanistan, has not improved, if anything it had deteriorated in a significant way. The situation in Iraq is a long way from being stable, and Iran is about to enter the last technical stage required towards acquiring nuclear weapons. Additionally, Iran has already demonstrated that is has missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons, that can reach the whole Middle East, and nearly all countries in Europe allied with the United States.

Summing up Obama’s military accomplishment even a D- is perhaps above what the man deserves.

There are many other areas in which the young American President failed. Obama’s promise to take care of the gays in the military issue, the messy situation he created in the closure of Guantanamo (with the ensuing trials of some of its inhabitants in New York,) and suggesting that Muslims are peaceful people even in the face of the Fort Hood massacre, and the list goes on.

One other item of interest. Due to “political-correctness,” the media, and the pubic in general, seem to shy away from Obama’s effect on deteriorating race relations in the Unites States. It started during the primaries when Oprah Winfrey endorsed Obama (she never endorsed a political candidate before the Obama endorsement,) which contributed to 90% of blacks voting for the President; a statistic that translated to a terrible, and growing, resentment by many white people (especially white people on the right of the political spectrum.) Since the race-relations issue is not due to what Barak Obama actually did, but rather because of who he is, he probably earned a C+ by trying to minimize this issue.

With performance in his first year in office hovering around D, D+, or at best C-; President of the United States, Barak Hussein Obama, is on a fast track to joining Jimmy Carter, and George W. Bush, as the Co-worst Presidents in United States history…


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