Ode to Obama: Kudos, from [just] a great political orator to a statesman! Obama’s Oslo speech, a masterpiece.

11 Dec

Ode to Obama: You seized the moment!

You went to Oslo to receive a prize that you didn’t yet earn
Your foes, and many others, were hoping that you’ll simply “burn”
But you took the stage with dignity, compassion, and determination
You humbly accepted the prize with grace, not for yourself, but on behalf of the Nation

Since the beginning of this blog, President Hussein Barak Obama was repeatedly credited with being a great, perhaps the greatest, orator of all times. In the past, however, Obama’s public-speaking prowess was based more on form than content; that was changed in Oslo!

In the past Obama pleased, even mesmerized, audiences. The President did so with fantastic delivery, well written speeches, and enthusiasm. The young American President was also blessed by a masterful voice that oozed authority, and the orator extraordinaire of the Twenty-first Century, likely of all times!

In the past, Barak Obama gave some inspiring speeches. Seldom did Obama, however, put forth as powerful a speech as he did in Oslo. Most of Obama’s previous speeches had strong political overtones, they were speeches by a politician trying to please, and to sell his agenda. That all ended (perhaps temporarily,) but for now, it indeed end. The Oslo speech was that of a statesman, something that until now neither Obama, nor anyone in his Administration was able to do.

Past speeches, such as the one in Cairo, were political, conciliatory, and showed little vision. In Cairo, for example, Obama apologized for the past behavior of the United States towards the Islamic World. The speech was designed to please Muslims, and to earn Obama a spot as an “internationalist;” it completely failed to accomplish its objectives. Muslim leaders (especially Ahmadinejad) mocked the speech, and the [Islamic] oil producers did not loosen their grip on the global economy.

In Oslo Obama made himself proud! Obama praised past United States efforts in keeping the world safe. Barak Hussein Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize as Commander-in-Chief, and as President of the Unites States, not as the person, Barak Obama.

In Oslo President Obama explained that in an unsafe world, a powerful country as the United States is essential to keep some semblance of peace, as it has been doing for sixty, or more, years. If there wa as flaw in his speech, it was his suggestion that El Qaeda is the entity that presently represents the major threat to society; he was wrong. El Qaeda is a short-lived phenomena, it is in reality Islam that represent instability in today’s world. But that choice by President Obama is understandable, he used, knowingly, or otherwise, El Qaeda, as a group representing [radical] Islam* in order not to get the Islamic World up-in-arms by stating the case differently.

Congratulation, President Obama, for a job well done; keep up the good work.

* Islam is not a peaceful religion as Western leaders refer to it. Islam is a violent religion as can be attested to by the Armenians, and many others who suffered under the Ottoman Empire. It has grown by leap and bounds in the Twentieth Century by forcing conversion whenever it could. No, Islam is not a peaceful religion.
But there is hope, if Islamic leadership, the wealth hungry power behind Islam, decides that it wants to benefit from the global economy, it can bring its people to the Twenty-first Century, and become an integral part of the generally peaceful global community.


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