Not able to secure allies support, Afghanistan is Obama’s war!

3 Dec

President Obama committed 30,000 United States troops to Afghanistan, expecting to get additional commitments from his allies; Obama will not likely get more than a token commitment from Europe, and perhaps even less from Canada.

There are many who felt that Obama’s election would help mend fences, improve the United States image in the world, an image that was badly damaged by George W. Bush. Obama is much more liked than was George W. Bush, he is admired for his oratory skills, embraced for his charisma, but he is not respected, nor was he accepted, as the “leader of the free world.”

The Muslims mock him, the Europeans do not trust his friendship (removal of the missile defence shield,) only 4% of Israelis consider him a reliable ally, and the list goes on.

Obama must accept that the war in Afghanistan is a United States war, not one being fought by an alliance. Unlike the “despised” President George W. Bush, Obama is not even capable to hold together a coalition of “the willing.”

Obama lack of world leadership which also represents a decline in United States influence, may be attributed, as Hillary Clinton suggested, and as Dick Cheney continue to state, to his inexperience, but it may be more than that.

Experience one can acquire, but Obama’s inability to stand by his allies, both personal (i.e. Wrght, Ayers, etc.,) and international (i.e. Europe, Israel, etc.,) may be a much larger contribution to his failure as a world leader. Effective leaders must have character, and Obama does not seem to be as well endowed in this area, as may be desirable.

President Obama, undoubtedly one of the best orators in human history (not withstanding his dependence on teleprompters,) is a bright and charismatic young mas, but throughout his political life, the young American President failed to demonstrate perhaps the most important trait a President should possess: Character!

Obama’s lack of character is likely to be one of the reasons that United States allies do not seem eager, or even willing, to follow the United States lead; a situation that may well leave the Afghanistan war, an American war!


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