Afghanistan: Dubya all over again? Overruling commanders; is McChrystal Obama’s Shineski? Or, is Obama committing a mule to do a job requiring a donkey and a horse?

2 Dec

When Rumsfeld and Wolfovitz decided to employ a business model for conducting the Iraq war, sold it to President George W. Bush, and had General Shineski dismissed because he demanded more troops, the beginning of unnecessarily extended and costly war in Iraq, was initiated.

Like Iraq, Afghanistan requires overwhelming force in order to defeat the Taliban, and El Queda’s insurgencies. The 30,000 additional troops Barak Obama is committing to Afghanistan ensures that there will be more American casualties, that there will be a number of small wins for the United States and its allies, but clearly not for ensuring a win in the war.

Setting a date for withdrawal, be it flexible as it is, is music to the ears of El Qaeda; it will not only give it a recruiting tool, it will allow the insurgent a relaxed atmosphere for determining how to act.

President Barak Hussein Obama just gave the Islamic enemy in Afghanistan reasons to celebrate. President Obama spoke of strategy for withdrawing, but not for escalating should conditions on the ground call for more troops. The Taliban and El Qaeda now know what the maximum level of [American] troops they are likely to faced, and therefore a tools for planning future activities.

It is too bad that rather than to do the right things, President Obama is acting in a compromise way, a manner to not upset the [political] “apple cart,” but in a way that can do nothing less than encourage the enemy.

The Afghanistan conflict has two primary facets. The military, a thoroughbred horse race; and the political, one that require a donkey to pull for the long-haul; Obama’ plan is to send a mule which can do both jobs, but that can not do either job in an optimal manner.


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