Should President Obama be held personally liable for casualties in Afghanistan that may be due to not complying with his own expert’s (McCrystal) advice?

23 Nov

There is little, or no doubt, that President Obama is not an expert on military matters, and the same holds true for Vice President Biden. The President, as Commander-in-Chief, appointed General Stanley McCrystal as his expert in the field, and should presumably listen to his suggestions.

Delaying compliance to McCrystal’s suggestion, and not committing the additional 40,000 troops that the General requested, if the General is indeed the expert, and putting lives of troops in additional and unnecessary peril appears to be at least irresponsible, at worse, criminal.

Shouldn’t President Obama, unless he complies with his own expert advice in an area he knows little about, and casualties result, be personally responsible?

The President must comply suggestions from his expert in the field, or, if he does not trust said expert relive the expert without delay!

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