Obama must relieve McChrystal, or send 40,000+ to Afghanistan!

23 Nov

Assigning a responsiblity without authority, or resources, to carry it out, is at best irresponsible, at worse (especially in the case of risking soldiers lives,) criminal!

Barak Hussein Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, appointed General Stanley McCrystal as the supreme commander of United States led operations in Afghanistan. In his role as head of the Afghanistan effort, General McCrystal requested that President Obama commit an additional 40,000+ United States troops to Afghanistan suggesting that not doing so will put those presently in Afghanistan in peril.

For weeks now, the American President have been consulting a large number of people regarding a troop commitment to Afghanistan. With everyday the decision is delayed, Taliban is gaining strength, and the United States suffers unnecessary casualties. The President must either trust his commander on the ground, or replace him; any additional delays challenges McCrystal’s authority, and credibility.

President Obama must make a decision regarding additional troops for Afghanistan without delay, or risk many things, including the United States ability to avoid a loss to the Taliban, similar to the one suffered by the USSR when it was a World Super-power.

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