I never thought it possible, but I adgree with Palin: Profiling is essential, but profiling only without undignifying subjects! The “Hasan massacare,” a reenforcement.

19 Nov

Any time Sarah Palin name appears in the news, I cringe. This lady who quit Alaska’s governorship to feather her own nest, is irritating, and appears to lack substance.

But, Sarah Palin’s recent statements about profiling, are right on. The ex-Governor concentrated on Muslims, and that is not right. Members of any group with an agenda, or history of harming United States citizens, should be profiled.

Freedoms intended by the Founding Father did not include to hurt others. Free speech, for example does not include the right to “shout fire, in a crowded theater.” Killing innocent people in the name of religion, in the name of righting past wrongs, or almost any other cause, are not a freedoms Americans have, or should have.

Government and law enforcement do profile as part of their routine work, but they try to cover that fact by being politically correct. For example, an officer in the Watts district of LA would be fool heart to not be more concerned, and act accordingly when encountering African-American, or Latino youth than whites, in suspicious surroundings.

The Government is also engaged in “economic profiling.” On flights the Transportation Administration (TSA) now insist that airlines do not let passenger in economy class use facilities in business and first class, an area closer to the cockpit than the economy section.

Profiling is alive and well, and should be expended to protect the public. The “Hasan massacre” of Fort Hood is but a clear example why Muslims in the United States should be profiled, as they are, for example, in Israel. In Israel it takes my wife and I about five minutes to go through airport security, for a Muslim couple ir would take an hour, or perhaps more. But please not, when you see a Muslim couple interrogated and their luggage searched, it is done in a manner that is impersonal allowing the Muslims to maintain their dignity.

Profiling is an important law enforcement tool and should be use to protect public safety. profiling Muslims whose religion does teach violence is the prudent thing to di in the United States. This on place where Sarah Pain and I Agree!


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