Is Obama trying to “whitewash” the Ft. Hood massacare?

15 Nov

President Obama requested Congress to put off any inquiry into the Fort Hood massacre; he stated that he would like the military to conduct its own inquiry, and that Congress has “more important work.”

On the surface President Obama’s request may have some merit if not for a number of facts. The most obvious fact has to do with the military not wanting to expose its flaws in allowing the situation to occur in the first place.

But, moving on. The Congress has no more important work than fighting terror, and there are enough reason to classify the Fort Hood massacre as a terrorist act. Adding to that, getting out 100 shots from two handguns in the short time that major Hasan did his dastardly deed, would require a magician; was the Major that good, and if he was, how did a medical doctor become so proficient in the use of handguns?

There are many other reasons to suggest that an inquiry independent of the military is in order. The question that President Obama’ request raises, however, has to do with the fact that he seems to protect anything Muslim; is that his actual motive?


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