“Rhambo” to foes of Democrats, yet a puppy on Obama’s leash: Emanuel is not a friend of Israel! Or, did Ahmadinejad trump Obama, again?

13 Nov

Rham Emanuel, the son of a Jewish-Israeli father, is no friend of Israel! Only 4% of Israeli Jews consider President Obama a friend of Israel, and Rham Emanuel, the Presidents’s chief of staff, simply parrots his boss. Much of the bidding Rham Emanuel does on behalf of his boss, is done at the expense of Israel’s interests.

When President Obama was speaking at the Fort Hood memorial service trying to be conciliatory to Muslims, his chief of staff was substituting for him and addressing a Jewish group in Washington DC, Emanuel was simply trying to push the Obama’s agenda particularly Obama’s anti-Israel policies.

Emanuel was introduced to the Jewish audience as “one of us,” when in reality he should have been called a turn-coat on Israel and on Judaism. Emanuel called tor the immediate freeze on settlements, even though, with his upbringing, he should have realized that he was asking the Jewish people to act in a manner contrary to what their god instructed them to do. Does Rhambo Emanuel expect Israel, the Jewish people, and the Israeli leadership, to accept directives from his boss over orders from God?

A chasm between Israel and the United States grows. This wide chasm that was created by Barak Hussein Obama and his Administration in the few short months, since taking office, is becoming so wide, that regardless of how sympathetic to Israel future Administrations may be, the chasm may never be closed, and the United States may lose its most, or perhaps, only, dependable ally that it has in the Middle East.

Mahmoud Ahamdinejad just called President Obama’s bluff! The Iranian leader suggested that if President Obama wishes to engage Iran diplomatically, as he claims, the American President will have to essentially “divorce” the United States from Israel.

Barak Hussein Obama’s actions in the next few weeks will reveal his true colors; will he still insist on negotiation with Iran and tacitly accept Ahmadinejad notion that the US disassociate itself from Israel? Or, will Obama finally dispel the notion that he is anti-Jewish, and anti-Israel, and deal forcibly with the Iran’s regime?

Should President Obama capitulate to Ahmadinejad and others of his ilk, and insist on continuing diplomacy with Iran, will the Administration’s “Jewish contingency” of Emanuel, Axelrod, etc., stand behind Israel, or will these
people remain Obama’s “lap-dogs,” and support his every move, as irrational as it may be?


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