Obama irrational with Muslims: Example, his speech at the Ft. Hood [Massacare] memorial!

11 Nov

The President of the United States of America, Barak Hussein Obama, is a bright, and articulate young man, but a person who seems to lose his objectivity when dealing with his Muslim brethren. Though Barak Obama is a practicing Christian, there is no doubt that his Muslim-birth, and the Islamic environment of his formative years, caused lasting sympathies towards the Muslim people. Being sympathetic to muslims may be a good thing, but doing so with a blind eye to the violent nature of its religious teaching, is dangerous.

In his speech at the memorial to those Americans who were fallen by the American Army Muslim Major Hasan, in Fort Hood, the American President took the occasion to be conciliatory towards Muslims rather than to concentrate on the magnitude of the event, and to admit that Muslims represent more violence than do most other Americans. This is not to say that all non-Muslim American people are violent-free, but it is to say, that in today’s world, based on statistics, Muslims cause more terror acts than all other groups combined.

It is time that the Muslim-born President of the United States, a person who formally adopted Christianity, stood up and admitted to the fact that Islam is a violent religion. It is time that the President, in order to protect the American public (the President’s most important function,) accept the fact that Muslims should, within reasonable bounds, be scrutinized more closely by law-enforcement, than non-Muslims.

The Fort Hood massacre by an American army officer of the Muslim faith, a man who killed in the name of Allah, should have woken President Barak Hussein Obama to the fact that Islam preaches, and in a large way encourages, violence. The American President should, for the moment, forget his Islamic heritage, his Islamic sympathies, Islamic instincts, and Islamic influences, and rise about his emotional ties to admit that Muslims are statistically more dangerous to Americans than non-Muslims.


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