Only two options for Afghanistan; withdraw, or fully comply with the requests of the military.

10 Nov

Unless Barak Obama decides to pull American troops out of Afghanistan for political reasons, and leave the country to El Qaeda and the Taliban, or listen to his military commanders and commit 40,000+ more troops to the country; he would make a fool of himself.

With no military experience, nor sound judgement on matters of war, for President Obama to commit less troops to Afghanistan than his military commanders on the ground requested, would be an irresponsible and arrogant act that should create a ground-swell of opposition to the young President and his shaky policies.

Withdrawal will be painful, admitting, as the Russians did, that superpowers cannot match religious convictions. On the other hand, tampering with requests from military commanders would simply demonstrate poor judgement, arrogance, and the inexperience that Hillary Clinton spoke of during the primaries, and that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad attributed to President Obama.


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