Consistent with previous blogs: It may be prudent to profile Muslims.

10 Nov

Muslims are no different from other God’s creatures, but yet those who subscribe to Islam and accept the Koran as the FINAL word from the Divine, represent a “clear and present danger,” to all infidels, including all non-Muslim Americans.

As was recently made clear by the action of United States Major Hasan, Muslims who accept the Koran as the final word of god (Allah in the case of Islam,) are bound to convert infidels to Islam or punish them for failing to do so. Many of those people who knew that Major Hasan was a Muslim activist, but who decided to be politically correct and not report it, might have well contributed to the death of thirteen people in Fort Hood, and will have to live with their conscience for the rest of their lives.

If the United State had a clear policy that calls for bringing to the attention of the powers-to-be any suspicious Muslim activist, the Fort Hood Massacre might have well been avoided; it is time to put political correctness aside and protect the American public from the threat of Islam.

Muslims who are routinely profiled and undergo severe scrutiny at Israeli airports do not seem disturbed by the process; they understand, as should Muslims in America, that the safety of the many, justifies the infringement of some individual rights.

It is time for the United States to realize that many Muslims, even some of whom may appear harmless, as did Major Hasan to many people who met him, represent danger to the general American public, and take appropriate action.

It is time for the United States, under tight controls that will not cause undue indignities to Muslims, to establish a process of profiling Muslims and putting in place a system to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the danger many Muslims represent to American society.


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