“Divine” obstacles may well dismanle 2-state solution

8 Nov

In large part, Muslim and Jews have strong and irrevocable religious views, views that cannot, and will not, be compromised. Putting these issues off while solving less important problems, is only postponing the inevitable.

Since Jerusalem is the single most important place for the Jewish people, and the third most important Islamic area, control of the city is of paramount importance. The important Jerusalem issue with its religious roots must be dealt with before less critical problems are tackled.

The Muslims believe that the Al Aqsa mosque marks the spot from which Muhammad ascended to heaven, while the Western Wall is the remains of the Jewish principal temple. Relinquishing Jerusalem on either side would be contrary to their religions, and sharing the city would also mean a violation of trust, not trust among humans, but rather trust with the Creator.

There are other religious issues, yet none as important as is Jerusalem, none with the irrevocable consequences that failing to resolve the Jerusalem problem will cause…

Political issues in large part are also in large part nearly impossible to solve. The “right of return,” represents another very difficult and illusive issue. To the displaced Palestinians it represents the ability to reclaims their home, their birthrights, if you will. To the Jewish people, Palestinians return would mean the demise of the Jewish state, the only place where, throughout history, Jews escaped persecution.

On November 2, 2009, when Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, suggested that the peace-process should proceed without “pre-conditions,” she might have, unwittingly, brought to the forefront the fact that each side had issues that were outside the domain, and beyond the authority, of their leadership, to resolve.

Hillary Clinton’s diplomatic blunder in Jerusalem may just be what was needed to determine if a Middle East solution that includes a 2-state solution is viable. What the Secretary did was to force the critical issues to the forefront; rather than to be ignored at the onset which will make them simply destroy any progress that may have preceded.


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