Could lack of H-1 vaccine be Obama’s Katrina?

7 Nov

President Obama declared the H-1 (“swine”) flu a national
emergency, yet many states do not have vaccine for the disease.

Many months passed from the time that the Swine-flu was declared a pandemic, yet the United States still does not have sufficient vaccine to protect its citizens from this menace; isn’t this similar to the Bush Administration failing to act in an orderly manner to Hurricane Katrina?

Adding fuel to the Fire, President Obama was talking about making vaccine available for the detainees in Guantanamo before it is available to the Unites States population, including high risk citizens; is this not at least as irresponsible as delays in dealing with Katrina by the Bush administration?

To those who feel that other than the President should be blamed for Katrina, and H-1 flu vaccine, let me borrow from Harry Truman: “The buck stops here” (with the President, the Commander-in-Chief.) Underlings may have the immediate, day-to-day responsibility, but the commander-in-chief bears the ultimate burden.

For Obama to live up to his responsibility as President, the man must do all he can to remedy the situation. The President must forego the idea of vaccinating the Guantanamo detainees before the vaccine is available to everyone in the United States, he must put pressure on the drug makers to pull all stops and make the vaccine available without any more delays.


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