Should the Ft. Hood massacare be the “last straw” for formally profiling Muslims?

6 Nov

Major Hasan is very likely to be just an unstable individual who does not represent all Muslims, regardless of that, he is a practicing Muslim who appears to be following Allah’s edicts. It also stands to reason that Islamic upbringing clearly influenced his behavior.

By virtue of his faith, a religion that calls for violence against all who do not accept their beliefs, to those believe differently than they do. The actions of the Fort-Hood shooter may just be the “last straw” to getting United States law enforcement to begin formal profiling Muslims, as part of protecting the American public.

Incidents of more and more Muslims harming infidels are continuing to grow. Since the Koran is the root of violence against infidels, would it not be prudent for law enforcement to profile Muslims while they are trying to protect the American public?

The World Trade Center, 9-11, and now the Ft. Hood massacre, are all actions consistent with Koranic teaching of destroying, or converting, all infidels to Islam. The last incident, the one at Fort Hood should speak for itself, it should make it clear that profiling Muslims is the prudent thing to do if Americans are to be adequately protected.

The fact the profiling may not be consistent with Civil Rights, and Constitution protection to all people, pragmatic consideration must, from time-to-time, take precedence over them. Even the most adamant supporters of Civil Rights would not likely object to profiling should they had lost a son, daughter, or other loved one, in Fort Hood.

Should profiling become an authorized law enforcement procedure, it will have to be done in a manner consistent with the law, and those profiled must be made to understand that this is not a personal issue. People profiled must be treated in a dignified manner.


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