Inept at diplomacy, Hillary, the “politician”, destroys the the viability of a 2-state solution; perhaps only expediting the inevitable!

4 Nov

When on November 2, 2009, Hillary Clinton forcefully stated that the United States wants the Israeli/Palestinian peace-talks to proceed “without pre-conditions,” she started the process of nailing the last nail in the coffin in which the 2-state solution is resting. When, with a big smile, she congratulated Prime-Minister Netanyahu for his “unprecedented concessions” in the peace-process, she came near to completely dismantling the 2-state solution.

The 2-state solution has a number of fatal flaws, many of the problems are issues that can be attributed to divine intervention that is in total opposition for people on one side versus those the other. The US Secretary statements rejecting pre-conditions would put off discussing these irrevocable religious differences to a future date which will then destroy all that might have been accomplished to that point.

It is known that Hillary Clinton is a politician, not a diplomat. In addition to lacking the ability to be diplomatic, the US Secretary of State is a known flip-flopper, and likely a pathological liar. The Secretary’s statements in Israel that followed by three or four days of explanations and apologies to a number of Arab entities. Hillary Clinton’s explanation suggests that US objections to the Israeli settlements was based on international law; yet no such law exists!

Completely reversing position in the matter of a few days, and citing laws that do not exist, constitute a clear demonstration of the lady’s lack of diplomatic skills; and of how inept the Obama Administration is in dealing with sensitive issues of international relations.


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