Disastrous Obama personal/political judgements:

4 Nov

Michelle and Barak Hussein Obama went to Copenhagen in an attempt to get the next Olympics to take place in Chicago; they failed.  On November 3, 2009, voters in New Jersey informed the President, with their vote against the candidate that Barak Obama supported and campaigned for, that the President’s influence was politically, insignificant, Corzine, an incumbant Obama Democrat was soundly defeated.,

Obama’s Cairo speech to the Islamic world had its wings clipped by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In early November, 2009, Hillary Clinton was able to essentially destroy any good will that President Obama was able to establish with the Islamic world. Not only that, Secretary Clinton essentially, single-handedly, destroyed, or rather expedited the demise, of the 2-state solution. 

The superb public speaker and charismatic person that President Obama is, his choices on items to personally support may not be quite as intelligent as he, himself, seems to be. 

President Obama put his personal prestige on the line for:

  • Olympics to the United States
  • The election of Corzine in NJ
  • Mending US/Islamic relation
  • Getting the peace-process in the Mid East on track
  • Closing Guantanamo at the beginning of 2010
  • Getting a healthcare bill with a public option pass

To date none of the six items mentioned above, items that President Obama personally supported, reached fruition; two outright failed, two others are on “life support,” and the rest, if they progress, would be a much delayed.


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