Irresponsible delay in additional troop commitment to Afghanistan; or, the abysmal US foreign policy:

29 Oct

October 29, 2009

While the Obama Administration is “mulling over,” a decision regarding sending additional troops to Afghanistan, a decision that actions on the ground already determined, the Taliban is getting stronger, and the “democracy” in Afghanistan is being destroyed.

It is good that President Obama takes his time and undergoes serious deliberations before sending more troops into harm’s-way, but taking months, not weeks, is not only a sign of weakness, it is a sign that the President is trying to please the liberal part of the Democratic party at the expense of our troops on the ground, and at the expense of good logical thinking.

Procrastinating regarding troop deployment to Afghanistan in the face of strong attempts by the commanders on the ground to get the additional personnel, is not a responsible posture by a Commander-in-Chief. This is particularly irresponsible when the Commander-in-Chief is a young, inexperienced person, a man with little knowledge of either international politics, or of military matters.  

Barak Obama has no other option but to send a large number of troops to Afghanistan, or the United States would join the USSR in demonstrating that there are really no super-powers who can stand up to injustice in our world. Not sending additional troops to Afghanistan would boast Al Qaeda, and make what the United States Administration calls “radical Islam” become a major player in determining international behavior.

It is time to move, Mr. President. Time is running out while “Afghanistan is burning,” and with it the prestige of the United States. It is time to move, time to move with an overwhelming force, a force large enough to win, and to liberate the Afghan people from tyranny, and the rest of the world from a growing threat of Al Qaeda and “radical Islam,” growing influence. 

Tel-Aviv, Israel October 16, 2009


Hillary Clinton Russia visit after Obama agreed to scrap the [Eastern] Europe missile defense shield, served as another reminder that the American Secretary of State, and her boss, America’s President Obama, are quite inept at dealing with international issues. Betraying European allies by giving up the European missile defense initiative as a carrot to Russia, backfired, as were most of Obama’s overtures towards the Islamic World. Russia, and for that matter China, are not only rejecting the Obama Administration additional sanctions on Iran, these two developing international power-houses may aid Ahmadinejad in his quest for getting enriched Uranium, and perhaps even the bomb itself. The United States seats on the sideline while Iran is mocking the US President, and vowing to destroy Israel, the United States only dependable Middle East. Scrapping the missile incentive at the cost of European allies security, and letting Iran enhance its military strength so that it can indeed be a threat to Israel, are but two of many examples of how Barak Hussein Obama is willing to sacrifice allies for what must appears to him, as a personal benefit. The matter of lacking loyalties to allies is bad enough, but sacrificing allies and getting no returns, is another. Scrapping the missile shield did not bring Russia closer to the United States any more than did Obama’s Cairo speech apologizing to the Islamic world for US past behavior, cause the Islamic World to come closer to the United States. With all its flaws, the United States was always known as a loyal and dependable ally to its friends. In short few months the Obama Administration dispelled that notion; what a shame! Even George W. Bush whose methods in dealing with terror, and with the American civil rights, were questioned, was trusted by United States allies. Allies may have not always agreed with President Bush, and some considered him a bully, the younger President Bush was a dependable ally to United States friends. President Obama lack of loyalties, and adherence to commitments, can only be compared to Jimmy Carter’s who, by many accounts, with George W. Bush, and now perhaps with President Obama, is likely to have been the CO-worst President in the United States. The International Community is sending signals that suggest displeasure with Obama’s Administration. The rejection of the United States and Obama’s personal efforts to bring the Olympics to the United States, the French announcement that no more of its troops will be committed to Afghanistan, the fact that only 4% of Israeli Jews consider Obama an ally, and the Abbas refusal to follow United States lead in the Middle East peace effort, are but a few examples. Present Obama policies are reducing the United States role as a world leader, while allowing Russia, the European Union, and China to gain momentum in the way of becoming superpowers. There is little, or no doubt that Barak Obama, as a person, is internationally much more popular than was George W. Bush. Obama’s charisma, and speaking abilities, cannot be question. That not withstanding, Obama’s character, loyalties, and policies are eroding his earlier gains of support from the International Community, and as the President’s image goes, so does the image of the United States. There may be still hope that Obama may review his record and decide to return to being an international honest-broker. Time, however, is short, and Obama must act or lose his, and the credibility of the United States as the world leader


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  1. truco ruleta online January 11, 2010 at 6:54 pm #

    Great idea, but will this work over the long run?


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