US plans may unwittingly determine the ultimate timetable for Israel/Iran actual interaction!

21 Oct

The Iran Revolutionary Guard, and Israel’s military, are each making plans to reduce each other’s ability to cause serious damage to the other. The fact that United States influence on either the two participants, due mostly to other external forces, is largely diminished, may put the US in the role an unwitting catalyst that could be the determining factor of when, and if, an actual conflict will occur. 

Not withstanding Obam’s Islamic sympathies, Iran knows that as long as the United States controls Iraq’s airspace, a preemptive strike on Israel would be difficult, if not impossible. Since the most direct route from Iran to Israel is a flyover Iraq, other options may not be too enticing. The Iranians also know that Iraq’s government will not be an obstacle to its (Iran’s) flying over Iraqi territory, and that neither Jordan, nor Syria would get in its way.

Based on the above, United States relinquishing of Iraq air space control would be instrumental in any Iranian plan to strike Israel, before Israel acts to take out its (Iran’s) nuclear facilities.

Israel, on the other hand, a country that cannot allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons, also realizes that flying over Iraq would be much more difficult when the Iraqi government takes control of its own airspace. Israel’s option is to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities via missiles with nuclear heads from submarines in the gulf (which Mubarak already sent segnals that he is not likely to resist,) and by flying over Iraq using its airpower and nuclear arsenal. The United States may, after all, be the determining factor behind a strike date for Israel, it may unwittingly do so by setting the date it intends to let Iraq take over control of its own airspace.

Because neither Iran, nor Israel is ready to blink, a military confrontation could well become a reality. The date for such confrontation will, however, be likely determined by the United States even without its direct involvement.

Since neither the Russians, the Chinese, or the North Koreans, seem to wish that Iran’s nuclear development be curtailed, when a date positive is set for United States handing over airspace control to Iraq, a date for Israel to strike Iran may be also established.


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