Fox News versus the Obama Administration: A contest of losers?

19 Oct

Fox News is an entertainment channel, and as such gets a very large audience. If one was to view the channel as a serious news and political source of information, one would surly be disappointed!

Some of Fox News experts, such as Rove (who lost the 2004 election for the GOP) and Morse (who Clinton kicked out in disgrace) are proven losers. Some, like Glenn Beck, are shameless actors who play on audience sympathies, rather than to deal with facts. Fox does have a few more serious reporters, people like Bill O’Reilly, with whom I more often than not, disagree, but who seems sincere in his effort. On balance, however, the Fox News outlet is either a sham news, or simply a marginal entertainment, network.

The Obama Administration, on the other hand, is no great performer as the governing entity of these United States. With impunity, the Obama Administration turns its back on allies (such as Eastern Europe, and Israel,) and makes a fool of itself in trying to engage the country’s  foes.

With the largest national debt in history, Mid East process in shambles, budding Irans missile and nuke programs, North Korea, the European misseile defense, the Obama’s Administration performance is as abysmal as the Fox News channel at doing what they are supposed to do.

So far, in near eleven months of the present Administration, the Obama and Fox teams appeared tied for worst at what they do

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