Michelle Obama as a Presidential candidate:

17 Oct

If United States Presidential elections were to be held tomorrow, a candidate Michelle Obama, regardless of past faux pas, would likely be a winner by a landslide.

And, if Barak Obama becomes a two term President ready to leave office without too many catastrophes; in 2012 a Michelle Obama candidacy may not be a laughable matter.

A Michelle Obama candidate will not get the 27% to 28% die-in-the-wool Republicans, including the religious right, most rednecks, and the Rush Limbaugh/Glenn back followers; BUT:

A Michelle Obama candidate would likely get

  • 90% Of African American votes
  • 70% or more women votes who don’t fall into the above category
  • 50% +  of die-in-the-wool white male Democrats
  • 60% + of independents who do not fall into any of the above   categories

No wonder Hillary Clinton states unequivocally that she will not make another Presidential run; Michelle Obama would make Hillary look foolish if she tried to compete.

Just think: The lady who did not like America, or was not proud to be an American, until her husband became the formal Democratic Presidential candidate; becoming the first woman, and first full blooded African American President of these United States! 

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