The “virtual” Obama wins again! When will the “real” Obama emerge?

11 Oct

The only way Barak Hussein Obama could have made Man of the Year, and be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, is if the selection committees went on what we all wish Obama was (the virtual man) and not based on what he has proven to be, or on what little he has accomplished to date.

Nearly ten months into office and nothing but promises. Guantanamo closing is delayed, as is the return of troops home. Gays in the Military are still under don’t ask don’t tell, and the international community is at a loss to understand what Obama will actually do.

When the real Obama did act he managed to lose the Olympics to Brazil, he is not winning in Afghanistan, and he has increased the US debt beyond anyone’s wildest imagination

It is time for the virtual Obama to be put to bed, and for the real Obama, whoever he may be, to emerge. Times are hard, and a real leader and doer is needed, will the real Obama be able to fill that void?


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