Obama, the Nobel [Peace Prize] “Sham!”

10 Oct

While Barak Hussein Obama is contemplating sending 40,000 (and likely eventually more,) troops into Afghanistan, a part of the Islamic World, the Nobel Prize Committee consider him the most important peacemaker in today world, what a sham!

Since Obama’s overtures towards the Islamic World appear to have played a key role in the Nobel selection, one must wonder what is the real motive behind Obama’s selection?

Delaying the closure of Guantanamo (with mostly Muslim inmates,) more troops to Afghanistan, and a slow withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, do not make Obama appear one who is reaching to Islam. Only Obama’s treatment of Israel versus the Palestinians makes the US President appear pro-Islam. But, is Obama pro-Islam due to birthrights, a dislike of Israel, and the desire for access to Islamic controlled oil, or are his motives the legitimate desire for peace? One must wonder!

Too many things point to a grossly flawed selection of Obama as the Prince of Peace. The Nobel selection was a sham!


One Response to “Obama, the Nobel [Peace Prize] “Sham!””

  1. Caela October 11, 2009 at 4:37 am #

    I suggest we should change the name to Nobel Appease Prize.

    Well, if it’s any consolation to anyone. Barack Obama is now on the Nobel “Peace” list with former South Korea President Kim Dae Jung (like Obama who was awarded the Nobel in office and was known for his Sunshine Policy) “for peace and reconciliation with North Korea in particular.” And Mikhail Gorbachev “for ending the Soviet Union’s postwar domination of eastern Europe”. And Yassir Arafat for “efforts to create peace in the Middle East.” And Muhamman Yunus for (the completely unrelated to peace) “efforts to create economic and social development from below” to name a few.

    Whoever said the Nobel Peace Prize had anything to do with peace? If it does, then they have missed these men nobler without a Nobel:
    Mahatma Gandhi (Non-Violence)
    Ronald Reagan (Cold War)
    Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern (Northern Ireland)


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