Glenn Beck, a Limbaugh wannabe, an actor, and demagogue; yet he is not a serious political commentator!

2 Oct

Notwithstanding a growing number of listeners, Glenn Beck, an actor, and an instigator, a man who can shed tears at the drop of a hat, is no Rush Limbaugh, and will never likely approach Limbaugh’s stature.  Limbaugh, the Beck unofficial mentor, is himself more an actor than a serious political commentator. In spite of often being pumped by drugs, Limbaugh is a voice in the wilderness, a voice the Republicans need to have even though he often has insincere motives.

While Rush Limbaugh often seem to laugh at his audience (since he knows that they will continue to hang on his every word,) while Glenn Beck is a clever manipulator of public opinion and found a niche on the political right that he plays like a fiddle.

Beck runs to his board writes, and draws diagrams, he tries to appear academic, when in reality he cleverly uses public sentiment to build discourse in the country. Unlike Limbaugh, Beck plays the race card, and often hits under under the belt. In spite of Limbaugh ability to sacrifice truth to make his point, Limbaugh does not seem to use race, a very sensitive issue, to gain audiences, Beck does.

Glenn Beck would be a meaningless blip on the radar screen, and would quickly disappear, if not for using sensationalism to gain right wing audiences starving for a voice. Finding a nich that Limbaugh wisely neglected, Beck uses sensitive issues such as race, socialism, and security to gain audiences and to incite masses to negatives sentiments without giving them a cause, or any real alternative.

An actor, and a demagogue, Beck reaches many people by flaunting his past alcoholism, and humble beginning, items that he suggests makes him one of them, the masses, as distinguished from the intellectual, Harvard educated President, who Glenn Back like to paint as an anti-white racist. Beck is dangerous because he seems believable to many, mostly of the un-educated American audiences who are looking for causes, and for a champion to lead the effort!

Glenn Beck is a clever young man who knows how to manipulate the masses, and who does so with impunity. Unlike Bill O’Reilly, who is an ideologue with right-wing blinders, but who is steadfast and seems honest in his beliefs, Beck seems to say whatever he deems useful in order to manuever his audience to follow his direction.  Unlike Sean Hannity who is also blindly idealistic (even though appears to have his own truths,) Beck does not seem bounded by the truth, he seem so adept at creating facts that his sole existence appears designed to create conflict and manipulate the system.

Glenn Beck is a dangerous demagogue whose influence on some of the Republican base may prove damaging to the GOP, it may prove so detrimental to the Republicans future that the party should do whatever it can to reduce, or silence, this out-of-control actor posing to be a responsible political voice.


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