Notwithstanding questionable performance, some Obama’s poor character traits will render him worst President

28 Sep

George W. Bush lied to the nation in a big way, his lies, or rather the results of his lies, made him one of the worst President in United States History. Bush’s lies and the damage they caused, including a war that cost over 4000 young American lives, point to a flawed character not one befitting a President.  George W. Bush’s Presidency did not only suffer from character issues, the man allowed misguided views to deprive Americans from some of their civil rights, while he was also guilty of mis-managing the economy to the point of a crises.

Jimmy Carter was simply inept at the job of President. Carter handling of the Iran situation, the economy, and other domestic issues caused him to be a monumental failure. Jimmy Carter, a man who continues to demonstrate flawed character by attempting to deal with America’s enemies (such as Hamas, who incidentally laughs at the man,) and who disgraces himself by recently bringing race into politics, is likely tied with George W. Bush as the worst United States President in recent memory. 

Barak Hussein Obama’s performance rivals that of Jimmy Carter’s in conducting an inept management of the country. But, in addition to being an inept manager, Barak Obama also displayed a poor character by sacrificing commitment for sake of political expediency.

During the campaign, Barak Obama dropped allies and friends (Wright, and Ayers, to name two) who might have reduced his chance of becoming President. After elected President Obama reneged on his promise to take care of the issue of gays in the military. Obama turned on Israel, a sixty year ally of the United States. Obama turned on Israel for reasons only known to him, but likely to include Arab oil, and his own Muslim birthrights.

Obama recently reneged on the United States commitment to its European allies by dropping the missile defense initiative for the continent. The missile defense move appears to have been prompted by Obama’s desire to get Russian support in other areas, and to shore up his legacy.

Simply for political expediency Obama announced that he was willing to drop the key public option of his health-care plan, an act paramount to giving a child a car, but leaving out the engine.

It seems that ambition, a concern about his legacy, and simply a flaw in character, are the driving forces behind this bright, charismatic, and articulate person, President Obama. 

Obama’s character couple to poor performance as President, put the man on a fast-track towards joining George W. Bush and Jimmy Carter as the worst United States Presidents in history.

Barak Hussein Obama is clearly an outstanding and talented young man. But talent and charisma don’t substitute for character, character is a trait of that is perhaps the most important part of a President of the United States.

Some other American Presidents had character flaws.  In most cases flaws were limited to personal behavior, and compensated for by management skills. President Clinton, for example, was not always truthful, and a Letcher; his presidency suffered. But, unlike Barak Obama, Bill Clinton did not seem to sacrifice United States long-standing alliances for political expedience.


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