Anti-Jewish versus Anti-Semetic; Obama’s PRO “non-Jewish” Semites Administration!

25 Sep

Since both Jews and Arabs are Semites, when discriminating against Jews one must not make a reference to anti-Semitism! Acts against Jews, are just that: Acts against Jews!

It is worth noting that most Arabs are Muslims, and a vast number of Muslims are Arabs. Please note, however, not all Muslims are Arabs, or Semites. Most Iranians, for examples, are Muslims, but they are not Arabs(Semites;) most Iranians are Aryans and generally feel insulted if referred to as Arabs.

Barak Hussein Obama, a man of Muslim-birth and clear Muslim sympathies, assembled a United States Administration that is clearly PRO Arab and PRO Islam. By virtue of the fact that most of Islam is anti-Jewish, Obama created a United States that is not a friend of Israel, or of the Jewish people. As the adage goes: Your enemies’ friends are your enemies! With a friend like Obama in the White House, does Israel need [more-like] friends

Barak Obama may not be an outright anti-Jewish, or anti-Israel person, but it is clear that if the interests of Israel and of the Jewish people get in the way of his agenda, they would be sacrificed. Obama is a man whose loyalties and commitments are subject to change. At the drop of a hat, the young US President would give up past commitments in favor of political expediency. To name a few cases, there were Wright and Ayers, and the European missile defense initiative, the Israeli settlements, East Jerusalem, his promise to deal with the issues of gays in the military, the United States  commitment for an embassy in Jerusalem, and the public option in his health-care initiative. Barak Hussein Obama, by his actions, does not appear to be a stable man of principle, Obama is rather an opportunist with tremendous political and oratorical skills.  

Statements by Obama that he is a friend of Israel, couple with his wearing a Kipah (the Jewish traditional skull-cap,) at the Whaling Wall, do not make Obama a friend of Israel. Only 4% od Israeli Jews consider Obama a friend, and his actions to date support that view. 

 Starting his presidency by giving an anti-Jewish Middle Eastern media outlet, Al-Arabia, his first interview, and moving on to cairo to apologize to the Islamic World for past US Middle East policies, are clear indications that the President is PRO Arab, PRO Islam, and that he is swayed in his thinking by the vast amount of oil controlled by the Islamic nations, and by his heritage.

It is unlikely event that Obama’s policies towards Israel will change. In this case, it may be time for those multitude of Jews who voted him into office to start and rethink their role in the future of American politics. Those well meaning liberal Jews must realize that Barak Obama is not a friend of the Jewish people, that Barak Hussein Obama is not a friend of the state of Israel.


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