In spite of Jews in “high places,” Obama’s Administartion is anti-Jewish/Israel!

24 Sep

Only 4% of Israeli Jews consider Barak Hussein Obama to be positive about Israel! Well over 90% of Israelis realize that President Obama is a friend of Israel’s enemies, and by virtue of that, a de facto, enemy of Israel. As the saying goes: Your enemies friends are your enemies!

With Rahm Emanuel (a man with roots in Israel,) and with David Axelrod holding key Administration positions, one would think that Obama would be pro-Israel; he is not!

Obama seems to listen and accept opinion from Anti-Jewish voices from the likes of Brzezinski (the National Security Advisor to one of the worst failing US Administration in history, that of Jimmy Carter,) rather than to those who realize how important and loyal Israel has been as an ally for over sixty years.

From giving his first television interview to Al-Arabia, an anti-Israel network, to telling Islamic audiences in cairo that he apologizes to past US policies in the Middle east, Obama is openly a foe, rather than a friend of Israel.

The United States, under Barak Obama, in its dealing with Iran, may leave Israel no option but to attack this rogue Islamic nation with its nuclear development and long range missiles. Since attacking Iran by air would require flights over Iraq, an US controlled air-space, would Barak Hussein Obama instruct United States assets to be used in order to stop the Israeli attack, as the likes of Brzezinski recommend? Would Obama fight Israel, notwithstanding the fact that its effort against Iran, if one is taken, would be indertaken on behalf of the international community?

But then, Barak Hussein Obama is consistently one who turns his back on allies in order to gain political favor. Canceling the European missile defense effort, and telling Israel to stop their settlement, are but two example where Obama ignore the national interests of allies in favor of his own agenda.

A two-faced Muslim-born Obama, the young United States President, is changing the character that the Founding-fathers intended for the United states. Obama is moving the United States away from  a Judeo-Christian nation, a nation of honor and dignity, to one whose word is no better than the paper that it is written on…


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